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Top Notch Service

Due to time constraints on a weekend, I hired the first plumber that arrived to fix our problem – after calling 3 w/n 15 minutes. This guy was very friendly and courteous, solved the problem but created new ones & overcharged for the equipment he installed. I called Onsite and set up an apt. They arrived 35 minutes before scheduled and corrected everything w/n 40 minutes that the previous guy had messed up. We’ve dealt with Onsite for several years and always get top-notch service. Today’s experience earned them another A+.

- David Lily

Experience and Expertise

I had been using another company for at least 14 years for maintenance and using the same old thermostat for at least 40 years. Our house has always been dry even though we had a humidifier on the furnace. My son convinced me to try someone new that he knew because the old company charged me for a service call because it had been over 30 days and said it was a speck of dirt in it. This guy from Onsite said it hadn’t worked for some time. He cleaned the furnace and when he turned on the furnace there was no smell that we used to get every time we turned the heat on and it burnt our eyes. I think he cleaned it the best and made it like new. Also he wore shoe covers.

- Jenkins from Clarksville, IN

Five Stars

Five Stars!

- Erin Richardson